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About Us

Founded just a few years ago, TippyToes has been far ahead and has trained many outstanding mentors, and some have set up personal training academies. Our aim is to build the best and the most outstanding beauty industry team, so that many women can through professional technology, start their own business.

TIPPYTOES STUDIO has Germany PRO and other semi-permanent makeup industry cooperation brand, in the semi-permanent makeup field, with foreign teams, have a wealth of product research and development experience, in addition, to grasp the product formula, ingredients, and dosage, more accurate to grasp the market and consumers' dynamic and demand. In addition, whether it is in material selection or research and development technology, its level is higher than the semi-permanent makeup field of research and development team, the quality of products developed and produced is far higher than another semi-permanent makeup field of products.

By using and promoted products that have the following characteristics, Tippytoes can bring more beautiful experience to the public.

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